Monday, August 22, 2011

Divorce Attorney

The partners at my firm are all experienced matrimonial lawyers.  I started working on divorce cases shortly before New York's new "no-fault" law went into effect.  It is a unique area of law, and I have heard multiple judges refer to divorces as the "most difficult" cases in the Court system.  A divorce is, procedurally, simply a lawsuit: an action is commenced, there's discovery, and if the parties are not able to resolve their dispute then a trial is held.  The substantive law is also not particularly complicated.  Most of the "law" is set forth in the governing statutes, and many issues are subject to common sense -- albeit fact-specific -- concepts such as equity, fairness, and the "best interest of the child."

What makes these cases unique, however, is the personal nature of the issues the clients are facing.  As attorneys, our job is often to advise our clients and protect their legal rights when dealing with issues that are particularly difficult and stressful.  In the context of a divorce, the issues faced by a client can be uniquely personal.  

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