Thursday, October 6, 2011


In some respects, personal injury lawyers can manage cases in a mechanical fashion.  With car accidents, slip or trip and falls, and many construction accidents, personal injury attorneys deal with the same fact patterns over-and-over again, and are negotiating with insurance carriers who look at the cases as statistics. 

In other respects, however, a personal injury lawyer needs to be able to make jurors, the defense attorneys, and the insurance adjuster, understand that their client is more than a mere statistic.  The bulk of the money awarded in personal injury cases is for pain and suffering, and statistics do not suffer -- people do. 

Thus, there needs to be a balance.  In order to effectively maneuver a case towards resolution, a personal injury attorney needs to step back and process a case in an efficient manner.  Evaluating liability, and the procedure for bringing a lawsuit, generally has little to do with the manner in which the particular individual involved in the suit was injured.  At the same time, however, a personal injury lawyer needs to be able to seamlessly switch back from "robot" to "human" when speaking with or about their client.   

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