Saturday, June 29, 2013

Custody and Visitation Attorney

Lawyers handling custody and visitation have a very different job than many other attorneys. The law is this area is, basically, that the court exercise sound doscretion in determining what is in the best interests of the child or children. There are some general principals, and you gain practical insight with experience, but due to the discretionary and confidential nature of the cases there aren't as many published decisions to use for guidance as in other areas of law.

Seperated parents don't always agree what is in their child's best interest, and all too often there is anger and resentment between them that makes co-parenting difficult.

Cuatody and visitation lawyers advocate for their clients, advise the clients as to the reasonableness of their positions, conference cases with the court for guidance, negotiate fair compromises, and, if all else fails, argue their client's position to the court to aid the judge making the decision.

Disputes ovet custody and visitation present tough situations, but I have helped many people deal with those situations, and I am here to assist you if you need it. Most times, these disputes can been incredibly stressful for the client. But, if you focus on what's best for your child or children, and make their happiness and future your priority, it all works out.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Construction Law Attorney

A broad range of legal issues arise in the construction industry, and experience with many of them.

I have represented contractors, owners, investors, builders, lenders and workers in a wide range of matters. This depth of experience has helped me anticipate and address legal issues that would otherwise be off the client's radar.

At the same time, clients bring their own deep understanding of their businesses, as well as the creativity and accumen that has helped them achieve success.

I work with my clients to help them achieve the results they want, and provide a resource to aid them in reaching their goals.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Legal Malpractice Attorney on Long Island

I have substantial experience as a legal malpractice attorney, and have successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants.

Legal malpractice can be a difficult area of law.  There are challenges to proving both liability and damages.  Not every mistake will support a lawsuit and, basically, there is a "no harm no foul" rule.  There are, however, meritorious cases out there. Lawyers are human, and sometimes make mistakes.  The system is designed so that in most cases "law office failure" is excusable and can be corrected. Sometimes, however, the statute of limitations or other key deadlines are missed; the lawyers won't admit otherwise fixable mistakes; or the lawyer does something to get a meritorious case or defense thrown out or otherwise severely prejudice a client based solely based on their error. In rare instances, attorneys engage in deceit, collusion, or fraud.  

Most malpractice occurs in litigation, but there are also transactional mistakes, which can be black-and-white bad advice, or documents prepared so poorly that the client is harmed, or other mis- or malfeasance that causes damage to the client. Transactional cases involve unique issues, and the errors sometimes are not caught until years later.

Whether you believe you have been harmed by legal malpractice, or simply need another attorney to take a second look at an issue, feel free to give me a call at 631-482-9700 or send an email to  In some instances, errors are still fixable if caught early, and a "lost" case can be resurrected.  In others, you may be able to recover your losses from your prior attorney or their malpractice insurance carrier.