Saturday, November 22, 2014


The best personal injury attorneys efficiently and effectively maximize the value of your case.  

The law in many types of personal injury cases is highly developed.  Although each person is unique, the mechanisms of injury in car accidents, slip and falls, and construction accidents are such that there is a body of precedent that has developed around common factual scenarios.  Similarly, the same types of injuries are seen repeatedly.  A good personal injury attorney has the accumen and familiarity with the medical issues involved to understand your injury, and comparisons to comparable cases are what give us a basis to value your claim.  

On a business level, the objective for a personal injury attorney is to obtain compensation for their clients. Most cases settle; some need to be tried; and it is the plaintiff's attorney who pushes the case forward.  

On a personal level, great personal injury attorneys have an enormous range of styles and personalities.  Some can be extremely charismatic, while others are more low-key but command a sense of credibility and trustworthiness.  You need someone you are comfortable with.  

I have been helping personal injury victims obtain compensation for their injuries for my entire legal career.  I clerked with personal injury firms during law school; won several awards for academic achievements in that area of law prior to being admitted to the bar; published multiple articles on construction accident and slip and fall litigation; have a litany of notable appellate decisions; tried numerous federal and state cases; and, most importantly, have helped clients obtain millions of dollars in compensation. 


Matrimonial and family law matters are uniquely personal and important. You need an attorney you can trust.  I cannot claim to be the perfect lawyer for every client.  If you want an attorney who will only tell you what you want to hear, or who will aggressively spend your hard-earned money chasing windmills, I may not be the best attorney for you.

Your lawyer has the job of zealously advocating for you, while also exercising independent professional judgment to help you understand your rights (both best and worst case) so that you can make informed decisions. If you want a lawyer that will tell you the truth -- politely and kindly if it is not what you hope to hear, but the truth nonetheless -- and who is a skilled advocate that can effectively try your case to conclusion when a settlement is not the best option for you, then I am an attorney you should consider.   

If you are choosing a doctor, you don't want someone who automatically says everything is fine, and you don't want someone who automatically opts for the most invasive and destructive approach; you want a rational and reasonable person who is skilled at what they do and whose judgment you can rely on.  I am that type of lawyer.