Monday, November 24, 2008

Around the Blogosphere: 11.24.08

Apparently, the blogosphere has gone on without me for the last few weeks.  Here's some of what I've missed.  

* From's Inside Opinions Blog.  Partner at uber-firm Cravath Swain & Moore offers clients advice on cost-cutting, recommending that they give some of their work to smaller firms.

* Above the Law  is having drinks on 12/2 at Professor  Thoms', 219 2nd Avenue, south of 14th Street (NY).  Also from ATL, US News now has worldwide college rangings.  

* From Geeklawyer, the BBC has a new documentary on Barristers

* Andrew Lavoot Bluestone, from the New York Legal Malpractice Blog, has a post on attorney's charging and retaining liens.  

*  Hat-Tip to legal antics, George Bush admitted on CNN that he regrets saying certain things, such as "Bring 'em on." 

* The Empirical Legal Studies Blog has posted a Blawg ranking.  

* By the way, the economy is bad.  Susan Cartier Libel compiles a collection of post about the dismal outlook for 2009 law grads.  She also comments about Tauro Law School's radio advertisment, letting employers know that its graduates are ready for the real world.  

*  According to the CL&P Blog, NY's Appellate Division, Third Department, has held that NY State Courts do not permit incentive payments to the named plaintiffs in class actions.  

* Prof. Schiess has a post on dealing with time constraints in legal writing.   I left a comment.  

* The New York Personal Injury Law Blog has a piece on NY's system of electing judges.  Also, hat-tip to NYPILB, there is a class action against Victoria Secret. 

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