Sunday, December 21, 2008


* From the Long Island Press, Suffolk County has joined New York City in suing Indian tribes seeking an order prohibiting them from selling tax free cigarettes. The tribe, the Unkechaug, is fighting back. According to the New York Times, their Chief, Mr. Wallace, is a Dartmouth Law graduate and practiced in Manhattan before moving to the reservation and opening a smoke shop. According to Mr. Wallace, “they’re picking on us because they think we’re this little tribe with no means to defend ourselves... Bloomberg needs a scapegoat, so he blames us for the city’s deficit, instead of criticizing the financial markets.”

* The Suffolk County District Attorney has made 27 arrests in a $9 Million Mortgage Fraud scheme. The various, unrelated schemes typically involved brokers who procured "straw buyers," with fake documentation, who purchased expensive homes and then allowed them to go into foreclosure.

* Victims of Barnard Madoff's 50 Billion Ponzi Scheme have filed a class action, headed by Long Island attorneys.

* The Nassau County Legislature will be holding hearings related to the Black Friday Wal-Mart trampling.

* The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has held that a suit accusing the Southhampton Zoning Board of racism, based on denying a hispanic man a license to operate an auto repair shop in East Quogue, can proceed.

* A Suffolk County woman has sued Mt. Sinai hospital and the County Medical Examiner for surruptitously removing her husband's brain and then, after the funeral, asking for permission to use it for research.

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