Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Products Liability Case Discussed in NY Law Journal

Almost two and a half years ago, back in June 2008, I wrote a post about the de facto merger doctrine.  (Prior post here).  At the time, I was working on products liability case where the issue came up.  The case was hotly litigated.  Not only had the company gone through several incarnations since the manufacture, there were also issues of third-party alterations, warnings, and everything you could think of in a defective product case.  This Spring, the motions for summary judgment were litigated, and the Court found factual issues precluding summary judgment and permitted the case to go to trial.  You can read the decision, here.  Tonight, I'm reading through blog posts, and I come across an article on law.com, from the New York Law Journal, discussing the case! The article is by Steven F. Napolitano and Peter Luneau, entitled "Determining Successor Liability."

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